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Owner Brianna Redlich

I would like to tell you a bit about myself.

For over 10 years I have been a Registered Veterinary Technologist. When I was little my granny taught me a little bit about crocheting, but never got the hang of it. About 7 years ago I picked up a crochet hook and decided I was going to learn. Thank goodness for youtube tutorials. I began making character hats which I would work on over the year and attend a craft sale in the fall. 5 years ago I visited a yarn store called Steven Be. I even got to meet him. I was so amazed I told myself I was going to open a yarn store one day. Fast forward to the present and that dream has become a reality. I am ready to hang up the stethoscope and be surrounded by yarn full time. I am still a crocheter at heart, but I have dabbled in knitting, tunisican crochet and spinning. I look forward buidling my knowledge, skills and meeting all of you.

Feature Artist

Beautiful hand made ceramic mugs that are glazed and fired. These mugs are dishwasher safe and come in a variety of designs.

Mugs are available at Yarn Over Fibre and Crafting Co. and on Tyler's website linked below.


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