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The Sock Ruler

The Sock Ruler

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The Sock Ruler ​is constructed of a heavy duty, yet flexible plastic; an innovative measuring tool for sock knitters that goes inside of the sock, allowing it to lie flat and ensure accurate measurements (both metric and imperial).

The Sock Ruler: is for adult sized feet and children size large
The Sock Ruler Junior: is a set of two, one for babies and one for infants
The Sock Ruler Combination: includes all three Sock Rulers!

The Sock Ruler® will measure (CUFF DOWN):

  • Length of cuff
  • Distance from top of cuff to start of heel flap
  • Distance from finished heel to start of decrease for toe 
The Sock Ruler® will measure (TOE UP): 
  • Distance from toe to start of heel
  • Distance from finished heel to start of cuff
  • Length of cuff