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h.a Kidd

Knitting Project Bag

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The VIVACE Knitting tote is perfect for keeping yarns and accessories organized at home or on the go! In addition to the large main compartment, this bag boasts 4 side pockets (2 on each side) , 3 backside pockets and a zippered pouch. The zippered front pocket had 15 elasticized needle holders and clear zippered pocket to hold smaller knitting accessories. - this bag has more than enough storage for all your knitting supplies! The main compartment is accessible through a zipper on the top of the bag and has 4 elasticized pouches to keep yarn and other accessories tucked neatly away. The top of the bag is fitted with 4 metal eyelets that allow yarn to be fed through even when the bag is closed – keeping the yarn clean whether you are knitting at home or on the go. The bag measures 30cm wide, 28cm tall and 14cm deep.